What can you use ASP.NET for?

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ASP.NET is a free and open source framework that makes it easy to build websites, web applications and web services.

ASP.NET is a development framework that provides tools in Microsoft Windows for developing WebPages, Web Services, and Windows applications. ASP.NET is primarily used for the web but can also be used for creating software applications, games and more on Microsoft’s platforms like Windows XP or later, the Xbox 360 or later, Windows Phone 7 or later, Zune 4 or later and any version of Internet Explorer from IE4 onward with SP6 installed.

ASP.NET is a Microsoft’s programming framework using which web developers can build and create web applications, as well as websites, micro sites, and mobile apps.

Key benefits of ASP.NET:

– ASP.NET provides powerful features like MVC (Model View Controller) which help developers in managing their application data and business logic in a more secure manner.

– It also introduces powerful features like CTO (Code First Object Model), which helps developers to write the code first and then specify the database schema models rather than specifying the schema first and then writing code.

ASP.net is a free, open-source server-side web application framework created by Microsoft. Its full name is Microsoft ASP.NET Web Application Framework, though it may also be referred to as just ASP or simply .Net.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating a website in Visual Studio 2017 with ASP.

ASP.NET is utilized for doing web development and it is a popular framework for this purpose. It can also be used for building software applications that run on Windows, iOS and Android.

ASP.NET is a Microsoft-developed web application framework for creating dynamic websites and Web applications using C# or VB.NET. It is an open-source platform that can be used to build a variety of web platforms, including single-server, multitiered Web applications and the most popular websites on the internet.

This tutorial is going to show you how you can use ASP.net in order to create a web application that connects your Raspberry Pi to the internet and allows you to wirelessly control it with your smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

ASP.NET is a web application framework that was introduced by Microsoft as a successor of Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 in 2002. It is a server-side programming language that provides support to the development of web applications through websites and web services.

The ASP.NET framework is appropriate for use when you want to develop a website or web application, but it can also be used for other purposes such as creating utilities, games, and even desktop apps for Windows or MacOS.

ASP.net is a web programming application that allows developers to create dynamic websites and Web applications. This platform is used by websites like The New York Times, Verizon, Sony and more.

ASP.NET is a framework that is often used for building websites and web applications. Web applications can be built on ASP.NET with numerous different scripting languages like VB, VBA, JavaScript & many more.

If you are a web developer or programmer and want to build an app or website with ASP.net then you’re in the right place!

ASP.NET is used to run websites and apps that integrate with web services, some of which use AJAX and other interactive technologies.

ASP.NET is a powerful tool that allows developers to create dynamic websites using C# code and web services hosted by Windows Azure or Linux.

Since ASP.NET uses the .net framework, applications built with this technology are portable across operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux and other Unix-based systems including IBM AIX and Solaris 11.